According to the most ancient beliefs of humanity, in the beginning, there was dark. Nestled in the center of the darkness, there was a brilliant white light.

When the time had come, the light split itself into six equal fragments, which descended and materialized, making up the whole of the world. The ground and the mountains, the rivers and the clouds, the wind, the smoldering south and the frigid north.

In this harmony, the fairies where born. And from them, nature itself flowed outward; covering the earth with green life, filling the water with fish and littering the skies with avians. The fairies sent forth the beasts of the fields to the world, to wander, eat, drink and breathe. The fairies cared for and protected nature, keeping perfect balance and beauty in all places. Life and death was in perfect synergy.

Humans where among the animals, naked and careless, eating the fruits from the trees and the grubs from the ground.

One day, a child was born from a dead woman, his name was Dran.

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