Magic is an art that was forbidden until king Dran stole its secrets from the fairies, at the dawn of recorded history. It is a deep and complicated art with infinite applications.


Magic is by its nature intricately linked with the six elements, and a rudimentary knowledge about them is essential to practicing even the most basic magic, as all spells have an elemental alignment and draw from the cornerstones of virtue.

Magic is the art of coalescing and controlling something called falselight, a transient form of energy that can temporarily mimic any physical phenomenon or material, if guided by a mind well versed in magic, for a brief time before it disintegrates itself.

According to the great sages of magic, all material things are made up of light. Not light in the regular sense, but a kind of primordial energy which was present at the creation of the world, and transformed itself into the matter that makes up the world, and remains locked into this permanent, physical state, ever transforming.

Falselight is a lesser form of the primordial light, and can be created and fueled by the life force of a magician. Once falselight is generated, according to the book of Dran: "It must be guided through one of the six gates, within the imagination of the magician, assigned a category, a physical state, such as solid, liquid, gas, heat, cold, movement or energy. This can be done with an intuitive understanding of the table of elements, with its cornerstones of virtue."

"A developed magician can throw fire at their opponents, freeze their flesh by a mere touch, even release lightning to scorch and blast them apart. Falselight can be a mighty weapon, a faithful shield or a remedy to injury, if only it is respected by the wielder as the complex art that it is. There are schools of magic scattered across Alucinore, but the masters of the art reside in Mora."

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