Fairy Emblem-0

Fairies are angelic yet animalistic, spirit yet flesh. They are psychic nature deities that possess great wisdom and seem to be a higher order of life, far more novel then mere animals and humans. They created all life, and watched over it for millenia. One day, a human known as Dran led fairy hunts. Ever since, fairies have been seclusive and rare.

They can be found wherever nature is in balance. Their presence alone allows nature to strengthen itself, giving rise to a great diversity of animal and plant life. Awe inspiring, divine beauty follows where they go, and they seek only to maintain natural beauty, prosperity and harmony.

They can live forever unless killed, half immortal, and seem to act as apex predators in their chosen habitats, where they hunt just like any predator would, only they cannot be killed by any animal without a fiendish stroke. Any animal that is devoured by a fairy is reborn, and their species multiplies in numbers, prosperity and health. Fairies naturally master the art of magic, the art of creation. All fairies are inherently very magical, and they practice magic naturally without any effort or training required.

Long ago, they where worshiped by primitive humans as spirits of wisdom. The fairies never used magic to help humans, nor did they allow humans to know its secrets. They only provided humans with wisdom to aid in understanding nature and life itself. Other then that, a healthy eco-system allows humans to prosper in turn as well. They are peaceful and intelligent beings who ever seem to mean any harm. But they fear humans greatly, and never eat them, because humans have a fiendish stroke.

Their greatest weakness is fire, and it was used against them very effectively during the fairy hunts.

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