Dran lived long ago, before the six kingdoms rose. His peculiar birth, from a recently diseased woman, made him his name, which translates to "seed in barren earth". He lived to see the age that preceded monarchy entirely, the age of clans and tribes. Back in those primitive days, fairies where more common then they are today, and most scholars agree that they where not as hostile either.

From what we can understand about these ancient records, Dran inquired to the fairies upon the nature of suffering, death and disease. He was obsessed about their immortality and immunity. In particular, their magical powers. He set out to learn the secrets of magic for himself, something which had never been known by humankind.

But only few from every place would join his cause, for it was heresy upon the fairy teachings. But in the places most wrought with plague and violence, he found those willing, and soon enough he amassed an army of soldiers with less to loose then most. Where he brought death, he brought his philosophy. Where he brought his philosophy, he found acolytes.

In his violent crusades, he and his army struggled to capture fairies. They rarely succeeded, but when they did, they mercilessly tortured them, demanding that they share their wisdom about magic. But none obliged, and in the end, as in the beginning, his hands remained empty.

Until one day, the blood of a fairy stained his lips, and the secrets of magic ushered into him. He created the first written language, and with it, history became word. From that day until the day he died, he wrote. He wrote every secret of magic he came to know, every fleeing wisdom he caught, and every movement of his growing empire.

He died without passing the crown to any of his daughters, and made none of them his heir. Instead, his empire scattered, and the secrets of magic where known to those who inquired. The age of tribes was over, and an age of kingdoms arose. 9 kingdoms slowly grew out of Alucinore and a new age of war began, wherein magic and steel replaced wood and stone.

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